Monday, January 30, 2012

Curious about a Monkey Named George

This adorable shirt is on its way to little Caroline who loves Curious George!

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Favorite Store - Mary Jo's

I recently made a large shopping trip to the best assemblage of sewing supplies an fabric I have ever seen...Mary Jo's in Gastonia, N.C. This store has been around as long as I can mother used to drag me with her when it was in Dallas, N.C. Even as a child, I loved to touch every bolt I passed. I never realized how lucky we were to have fabric outlets located all over ... I miss them now. Mary Jo told me years ago that she would no longer be able to secure Dotted Swiss fabric due to OSHA regulations.
Anyway, I purchased many pieces of fabric in preparation for my appliqued tee shirts. Here are some photos..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Off to Disney in Style!

"E" and "H" leave Thursday for Walt Disney World in Florida.
I hope they enjoy their new tee shirts!

These shirts are new products for FullerWorks.
MONAG interlock cotton long sleeve or short sleeve tee shirts are now available for embroidery-
applique, monograms, etc.

Here is the entire Disney Font, also something new to FullerWorks:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rollup Playmat

This playmat is made from a CHOO CHOO YOU panel by Richard Neuman.
I bought the panel at my local Bernina store,

lined it with black flannel, and "quilted" the road on the sewing machine.
This is perfect for grandparents' houses, trips,
or for the child who doesn't live in a MacMansion and have a playroom!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Towel

This linen hand guest towel is adorned with the names of each family member, including the dog! Can you guess which that is???
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A Splash of Pink for Sarah

This swirly monogram sits atop a splash design.
Both are stitched in hot pink and are on a Black Floral Market Tote.
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The Road to a Customized Monogram

A client asked for a custom monogram and I was given creative license.
Above are stages of develolopment.

                 1. ORIGINAL SKETCH was drawn using pastel colored pencils on tracing paper.
                 2. Approved drawing was stitched in WHITE ON WHITE.
                 3. CLIENT SELECTED COLORS for the various components of the art.
                 4. My client now has a LOVELY BEDROOM!
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fleeces for James River Remodeling

Andy of James River Remodeling sent FullerWorks 3 ButterFleeces from
They look great with the new logo applied.
FullerWorks included a suprise embroidered bib for Bratton!
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Experimenting with Creating a Collage

These photos are from 12-31-11 at our New Year's Eve Party.
We ate well, laughed alot and played Pegs and Jokers.
This is my first attempt at inserting a collage into my blog from Picasa.
Went well!
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Hoodies for the South Point Dance Team

How to Make Your Towels Pop

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bias Tape on Sally Jo's Coat

I inherited several of my grandmother's pieces of clothing. This particular coat is a Wellington "Kashmiracle". The fabric feels like today's polar fleece. Ebay listings describe this coat as vintage. I decided to use it as an everyday car coat but discovered the hem needed attention. Proably dry rot!

Above are lavender and blue double fold bias tape I made.
I originally thought the blue would work, until I realized the lining of the coat is purple. So lavender it was.

I machine stitched the bias tape to the edge of the coat fabric, then turned it up and hand stitched it to the interior of the coat.

Now I have a clever casual little pop to the inside of my grandmother's "vintage Kashmiracle" coat!