Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Coffin Bench... Really!

A good friend proposed an intriguing project recently. She was making a cover for a 4" cushion to sit on top of her coffin bench. Really. She is all about antiques and has some crazy stuff but this takes the cake. The bench is 6 feet in length and the fabric she chose was burlap. A challenge for sure.

So she found some wide artwork she liked complete with scrolls and a crown. We sent that to a graphic artist who returned a file I could digitize. The results were fabulous. Then, Pat finished the assembly and we had success. The only issue now is that she thought it would be a nice luggage rack.mshe is so in love with her creation, she had to purchase a NEW luggage rack so no one will put anything on her custom embroidered bench pad. That's coffin bench pad. Who knew?


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Tee Shirt Quilt for the Football Player

I have made a few tee shirt quilts now. One for my daughter and one for her college roommate's brother. They are so involved, but so loved. Take a look at one...


Things for the Bridal Party

These bridal shower and "getting ready" items were for wedding at Ocean Isle Beach, NC this past spring.

Bridal shower napkins for the luncheon cruise...

Getting ready shirts for the bridesmaids.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Fonts!

Arabesque 5

Circle 2





VERY Large Monograms

These two monochromatic monograms are each 17" wide by 13" high.  I just love the calming presence of this room.  Notice the detailed lampshade and the rustic headboards. 

What a fabulous way to pull two stepsisters together.

Custom framing by Cindy Handsel Groner.