Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Coffin Bench... Really!

A good friend proposed an intriguing project recently. She was making a cover for a 4" cushion to sit on top of her coffin bench. Really. She is all about antiques and has some crazy stuff but this takes the cake. The bench is 6 feet in length and the fabric she chose was burlap. A challenge for sure.

So she found some wide artwork she liked complete with scrolls and a crown. We sent that to a graphic artist who returned a file I could digitize. The results were fabulous. Then, Pat finished the assembly and we had success. The only issue now is that she thought it would be a nice luggage rack.mshe is so in love with her creation, she had to purchase a NEW luggage rack so no one will put anything on her custom embroidered bench pad. That's coffin bench pad. Who knew?


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