Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alto - Improving the Sewing Machine

This is the most amazing thing. Consider that the sewing machine could be improved to be more simplistic. Most newer sewing machines include more stitches than you could ever use and repeat some design flaws year after year. I just never pondered the subject.

Enter the James Dyson Awards. The award is an international student design award that draws from the next generation on design engineers  And if the name is familiar, yes, this is of the famous Dyson vacuums. The entrants are to "design something that solves a problem." First, the problem must therefore be identified. I stumbled onto this story on a blog I subscribe to; my curiosity was peaked.

This year's top 50 projects will be chosen September 20th- a visit to JamesDysonAward website shows that some of the over 500 projects submitted include the Alto, a genetically engineered bread yeast and a prosthetic socket. 

How I would love to be someone who gets to test drive this invention.


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