Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smocked with Ribbons

This exquisite dress is a Ready To Smock purchase from Martha Pullen's Ready To Smock . The cost is not too bad at $28.00. The ribbonweaving smocking plate is Party Ribbons by Little Stitches and the cost is $3.00. Smocking is really not difficult to learn - I actually taught myself. So for not much money, you can create these lovely heirloom dresses for your loved ones. The only other expense is the embroidery thread and ribbons.

A side note, the developer of Little Stitches designs is Mary Siegel of Atlanta, Georgia. She is someone who has been able to apply her skills to help others. Click here to read an inspiring article about her 30 year love of smocking and her involvement with premature babies in the Atlanta area.


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