Monday, August 20, 2012

Scented Linen Spray

I follow a blog called Coletterie and on that blog you will find a great little trick to subscribe to - Snippets.
Snippets is a weekly sewing tip that is emailed directly to you. I absolutely love this. So, the tip this week is from Emily S. and the subject is LINEN SPRAY. Emily suggests that one use this instead of water in the iron. Her tip is "I use linen spray instead of water in my iron for steam. Not only does it do the same job, but it doesn't get stale and it always smells fresh." What a great idea!! So, I promptly linked to Emily S.'s blog, lemony fresh. I just love to find blogs about sewing.

Then I start thinking - how does one make their own linen spray? After an entry in google, here is a great link to answer that question...Make Your Own Scented Linen Spray on the onegoodthingbyjillee blog. Who knew vodka would be involved?

So, I am going to try this experiment..the making of linen spray and then using it in my iron. My old iron first.
In the meantime I have increased my blog reads by 2 with this little Snippet email.
I'll keep you posted....

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